The world turns…

The sun sets on another day…

The world turns. How often do we consider that the world turns? Last night I raced to the Lake shore and arrived just prior to sunset. What lay before me was stunning beyond belief. Waves slammed the rocks laid at the lake shore while clouds passed over head thick and pasty and the sun broke beneath them creating a canopy of pinks, oranges, and reds. I sat for a moment transfixed and then of course I took some pictures.
If we only sat for a moment and realized that the world was turning with or without us we would try to squeeze out every moment that we could. I sat watching the sunset that I could have missed very easily by just not going. Instead I pressed harder and found a memory I could not ever easily forget.
Sometimes things come into your life that you have no choice but to remember. It is because of your perseverance and you’re involvement let those things become memories. Don’t stop. Don’t let those things pass by. If it is a meaningful thing the time invested and the thoughts invested are well worth it. If there is one good memory it is likely a meaningful thing.
I know this sounds nebulous and I am not speaking in any defined statement or saying do this or do that because each of us is different and each of us deserves to find something that makes us happy. All I can ask is that you find your happiness and let’s work to make it a reality.
So as the sun sets on another day everyday is an amazing one if you let it be. Make your day amazing and remember those good experiences become great memories and make you who you are, no matter what.
Sleep sweet, love life, and make your day a special day…

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