Do you ever feel like the wind is so strong you can’t keep going the right way? Have you ever been in a wind so strong then you wondered if you would either go off the road suddenly or take flight because of its power? Have you ever seen the power of the wind drive the waves and make the world whatever it wants to make it?
As I drove home tonight the wind was intense and many times I was shoved from the road. It was not a minor show nor was it just a light breeze instead on several occasions I felt the median bumps as the wind slammed into them and forced me to go it’s way.
Sometimes in life outside forces will make decisions for you. Sometimes people will force your hand. Sometimes they do so for you and sometimes they do so for other reasons. In my opinion, mostly they are unaware of their effect on you and just start doing what they do.
So this evening as I was thrown into the median by the wind and the winds had no inkling of my existence. I was just in the way. This evening I made the choice to either go with the wind or fight the wind and stay on course. In each day where we are buffeted by the outside forces in our lives it is our choice to go with the wind, to fight the wind, or to do a little of both. If the wind is blowing, I hope you take a moment and make a good choice.
I have been in many situations over the years where choices have been taken from me. I have also been in some situations where I have made choices that created virtual wind for others. In the end there was no choice but to make the decisions that we’re best for me and for those people I cared about. And the other winds that are blowing, well,  well there’s always sailing.
So as the sun sets on another day I hope that the wind is is at your back and that you find a way to get where you want to go in spite of that wind. Wherever you need to be and wherever you need to go find the way there no matter what.
Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the day…

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