The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was beautiful and Powerful I’m truly beyond belief. I watched in awe has the sun set in the Western sky and was overwhelmed by the crimson shards of light but covered the horizon.

Today as I was taking a long walk I passed the woman running in the very very hot weather. She was well kempt and it was apparent she was just starting her run with a power that only a few people perhaps understand. I may not have noticed her except she ran into the frame of my picture as I was taking one of the area . As I walked I got hot quickly and began sweating and completed my circle drenched and returned to get a cart and go to the beach I am visiting. I took another route and thought nothing about this woman.

Fast forward 45 minutes as I am reaching the beach from the top of a hill here was the same woman running towards me oblivious to my very existence but covered in sweat panting and still pushing forward. Normally I would say that this is unimportant but on this day it meant something to me as I watched this woman I realized that every one of us set a goal and decide if we  make it. Perhaps I didn’t realize it as much as remember it but I needed to see this again. I said nothing and she would not have noticed me anyway because she was pressing forward to her goal and was going to make it.

Maybe we all just need to press forward towards our goals and not worry about the rest of the world. Sure there are goals that include the rest of the world or depend on the rest of the world but our part is important to us and we need to make it happen. As this woman did so should we all and even if we end up drenched in our own sweat or beaten to the end of it all we can make it. We can make it because our will is indomitable. We can make it because it is who we are.

So as the sun sets on another day did you set a goal? Are you pushing that envelope and making things happen? I know you can as can I as can we all no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep pushing…

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