At least he’s ok…

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was again striking. The waves on the beach made the sunset seem that much more beautiful. The colors were over the edge of the top, and maybe a little more. I never tire of the sunrise or sunset, the start and finish of another fantastic day.

I need a haircut.

Well, it may not be that bad but I do need it cut. So I went in search of a place to get it cut today. I found a little place in a strip mall and as usual, I ended up in a discussion as I talked about their plumbing issues. While I was there a woman walked in and stated she had a bad day. Not being shy I asked her to share. Her 20 year old son had just been in a car accident. People were cutting him off and to avoid hitting another car he slid off the road into a decorate rock. (No, not a little one, a rock that stopped the car in its tracks) The airbags did not go off but the car was pretty banged up and she showed us pictures (me and the employees that were there. She said when she arrived she went to the police officer and did not want to hear about the car, but instead just wanted to hug her son, and the police officer let him.

Her son was despondent about the damage and worried about how he hurt his mothers car. Her statement, “The car is not important, at least you are OK.” I felt good about this, and reassured her this was right. She then told me her daughter a cute little girl of maybe 8 or 9, said the same. “I just want my brother to be OK.”

How many times do we look at stuff and not see the real value in life. How many times do you worry about what is in your hand, your bank account, or something else and not at the people who are important to you. Maybe for a second you should take a deep breath, and just be happy for the people who care about you and who you care about. Maybe, before you even get there, it is time to hug those important to you and let people know how important they are to you. Not just by words, but by actions. 

So as the sun sets on another day, its a good day, and my hair is not cut yet, but tomorrow it may well be. I did meet someone who sees the world as it should be. A world where family matters and people matters. BE that person who makes the world matter a little more. Be that person who stays positive and brings people up, not down. Be that person every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and at least he’s OK…


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