Four days to Christmas, and the fours…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was beautiful and striking, and the colors shone through the trees as I walked in the crisp pre-evening air. There was a magic about it all, and every moments become a powerful message as the breeze played with the trees and the colors scattered across the driveway.

It was May in 1977 when the world changed. IT was perhaps not as big of a change as I think, nor as small of a change as some others consider, but it was a change none the less. For me my world changed forever in June of 1977. At that time I watched TV from time to time and the movies on TV were always interesting, but in June my Grandmother dropped me off at the theater with two friends in Grand Rapids Michigan to see a movie.  I knew little about reviews, and less about theaters, I had only seen perhaps three movies in the theater before this day. The theater in big rapids was small and cozy, and where we were was massive and intimidating but my friends and I bought tickets and sat down to an adventure.

The movie was Star Wars. A vision of George Lucas and a cast of characters that took you away from the world and built a franchise that was more than immense but more importantly a franchise that touched so many. Good and evil were redefined, and the deep breathing of Darth Vader would set a standard for decades, perhaps centuries to come. Don’t agree with me? Well, I find your lack of faith disturbing and I am sure you would come around if you watched the franchise. For me, a teenage boy with dreams of become a robotic engineer, it was the perfect movie.

Last night I watched the last in the series, well, maybe. (Hard to say, but there is a stake in the ground.) The movies have been from good to great if you now watch in the order designed this story is a cycle and builds to a peak of stunning amazement that can enthrall adults and children alike. It is a way to a better world through another world. I do not do spoilers but suffice it to say that last night I walked away with many stories complete, and done through stunning cinematography, cutting edge effects, and a story and actors that truly seemed to believe in their roles. Isn’t that the trick of the movie. When the actors, and editors, and directors, and writers, and cameramen, and effects artists and all the others that make a movie believe in it, or even seem to believe in it, we the viewers know and become a part. 

Last night I became a part of a franchise that has inspired me over the years, and I for one was happy with the outcome.

So as the sun sets on another day, A bittersweet end of a day, and of a series but a satisfying outcome for all involved. For a moment I was overcome with emotion thinking of every movie in the series, and in the process I see a lot of possibilities, and maybe a bit of a world that can be a better place, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and may the force be with you…always…

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