Five days to never be bored…


The sun sets on another day…

Boredom. It is a scary thought. As a parent I have heard the words “I’m bored” hundreds of times. It’s funny though even when I heard those words I was never bored, they were. I was trying to have fun and I drug them along with me a lot.

 I was talking to someone who I consider very impressive today and they made the statement that the holidays won’t be boring. They had several children and it is in that they felt that it will be less than boring. I thought about it for a moment and then laughed and realized that holidays never are “boring”. Instead holidays are filled with fun and frolic and excitement and if you have children your holiday is probably filled with controlled chaos and purposeful Passion. sure, there are a lot of other emotions. I am well aware of statistics. I would like to think we have a choice on how we feel even tough it is not always true, so I am sticking with the positives!

 Looking back at all the Christmases I have had with my children I can honestly say that they were never boring. Each year brought something new and exciting and some new form of either drama or dramatic excitement. I Guess  Children just bring out the best in you and with their innocence (Well most of the time) can drag out the best you can be pretty easily. 

I have a suggestion: if you have children that are younger hold them tight and enjoy the holidays with them. If you have children that are older hold them even tighter  and make sure that they always know how much you love them and care. I know I will.

 So as the Sun sets on another day, this week will not be boring. With only 5 days left until Christmas I think it’s time to start enjoying every moment. Actually I hope you already are and I hope that every moment becomes a fantastic memory no matter what .

 Sleep sweet, hug your children, and laugh the night away…

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