Go Fourth and enjoy…

The sun sets on another day…

I wanted to play a little with words today. I get a kick out of puns and being punny, and I get a bigger kick out of using words to elicit responses.

Life is an interpretation of a series of senses that extrapolate data into a version of information. Right? Let me put it another way, life is what you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel coupled with the complex processing power of a multi threaded data web that gathers and interprets information based on prerecorded data and information and genetic memory locked in complex atomic ribbons. Hmmm, how about life is what you make sense out of?

I know, I probably over-complicate sometimes but as I sit at a simplistic computer that can do multitudes more than the first computer I worked on I was thinking about how complicated we are, meaning people. Think about it, we are learning machines to the nth degree, not learning just by input but by extrapolation. Ooops, getting silly again. Let’s say we are complicated. some of us more than others. There are those whose minds are trained to see past what many see, and those who have never tested their minds. There are those who rely on intellect, and those that rely on sense refinement and perspective. There are those that can see a world as it is, and those that see a world as they perceive it.

I am betting you are sitting here wondering if this is one of those “who cares” moments and ready to run away to the next kitten picture. Don’t touch that dial. (Ouch, that gets lost on people as well).

All I am trying to say is today is your day. It is how you see it. How you make it, how you experience it. Make your day the best it can be, and along the way, let’s all try to see a little more, be a little more, and understand a little more that our senses give us. After all, we are not computers, we are mega processors!

So as the sun sets on another day, reach out with your senses and try to see more. Hone them, understand them, and make the world your world each day you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and I see you…

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