The sun sets on another day…

I remember when I was young and my grandmother gave me a TUIT. It was a small button, like a wooden nickel, and it just said TUIT on the front. 

I was almost confused. She told me that so many people said they would “do it when they got a round to it, that she started making round TUITs. She then showed me a poster they were putting up in the church that stated they would be giving out round TUITs to everyone so each person could do whatever they needed, because they had a round TUIT.

This was confusing to me for some time, simply because when I was young I tried to do everything anyone asked and just went on to the next task, or said I am busy right now if I was busy. Today I sat wondering for a second when the world changed to never enough time.

It is my opinion we all need a round TUIT today. Why? Simple. We need top determine how we can stop forgetting how precious time is and start getting around to those things that are important. Maybe just maybe we can start doing more if we just had a little coin to remind us. Hmm, it is a thought at least.

So as the sun sets on another day, what is keeping you from getting a round TUIT? Is it time? Is it a lack of priorities? Is it the wicked witch of the east? Whatever it may be, consider taking it to the next level and getting a round to it today, and never say soon again, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and enjoy your Saturday…

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