Just another day?

The sun sets on another day…

Yesterday was not in my top 10 days, but it was not just another day. With every bad day a little good may come.

I sat yesterday experiencing a lot of different things. There was pain and more pain, and miasma, and a lot of moaning and groaning. In the end it all went away. In the middle of it all I was laughing, thinking how absurd it was to feel bad and let it beat me down, while realizing that there are some things you just have to ride through.

Yep. Every day will not be sunshine and roses, in spite of how I try to make it sound. Every day will not be that day that you want to put in a scrapbook, but it is still another day.

I have hundreds of thousands of pictures (yes, it is true)and there are not many of bad ugly things. Why would you keep a picture that is horrible, except if it is me in 8th grade in my Budweiser t-shirt. (true story) So why then do so many choose to hold on to those memories that are bad and not save the thousands upon thousands of good ones. Why do the bad ones always get placed out front. “How are you today?” “I am alive and it is a great thing” instead of “How are you today” “Well, my gall bladder is hurting ya know”.

You might laugh, but you know it is true too!

So as the sun sets on another day, how about we start building good memories, and remember why the chicken cross the road, to have a super duper time! (Or to run from the Colonel)

Sleep sweet, love life, and what happened good to you today?

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