Perilous perspectives…

The sun sets on another day…

I was tempted to write a lot of things today. The sunset was there, but not as easy to see as I had hoped. I spent time driving, and laughing, and having fun, but missed out on Cheesecake Factory. (Never miss out on that if you can)

I think it is funny when I say I like Cheesecake Factory and people say “I don’t like cheesecake”. It is funny because I go there for the menu and food more than the cheesecake, but so many people think it is a desert store. As they go once and find the menu reads like a bible made for the foodie in all of us they realize why I like it, and later sometimes mention it to me. Their perspective was jaded, but they based a decision on it.

How often do we set our decisions in play and not have a complete picture. How often in the quest to make our mark do we miss the mark and miss a grand positive opportunity? How often does the world see a hole where we could have used our shovel?

I know I know, we all know it all. We are all the subject of our own massive series of experiences, but we are not so experienced that we really know it all. Personally I have to correct myself at least daily, and as I do, well, I sometimes wonder where I got my own information. Sometimes I may be more right, but sometimes not, it just depends on the day.

So as the sun sets on another day, make your mark a good one, and instead of being sure, listen, and instead of every being angry, listen a little more. There is a path daily to find truth every day if we only look, and let’s skip the perspectives that are less than positive and instead show the world how good we can be, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and if life stops you, pitch a tent for a few, then move around when you know how…

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