Striking words…

The sun sets on another day.,.

I am still sorting through a plethora of things I have collected over the years. Of course at the top of the list is books. I love to read and will probably read at least 2 books tonight after I write. I don’t always get the free time to do so, but when I do I truly enjoy it. One of the books I really enjoyed was a surprise to me, Bruce Lee’s “Striking Thoughts.”

I know, Bruce Lee? Sure, he was probably one of the greatest fighters ever, and maybe one of the most motivated people ever, but he also believed in balance: a balance of the mind, body, and spirit. Because of some recent situations I considered this quote from him “For it is easy to criticize and break down the spirit of others, but to know yourself takes a lifetime.” Why? Let me explain.

I abhor anger. I have been angry a few times, and it is not pretty. When I was young I was angry a lot, it too was not pretty. I find that feeling anger is counterproductive and to engage it is detrimental. Over time I found the angry person loses, not just the battle, but somewhere along the way they lose themselves. In difficult situations my ability to hold my anger in check has given me stunning advantages. I also find that when anger lashes out and we tend to lose our way as we bring down others around us. That does not make me happy either. I would rather find another way until there is no other way, and even then hold my anger back.

I recently saw someone completely lose their cool. Their anger came out and the misinformation flew. Whatever point they were trying to make was lost in the fires of their fury, and if it had not been so tense, it may well have been good comedy. I stayed calm, and others did as well, but it is difficult and an art to let the anger go and realize that you can be above that. The target of the anger I saw did nothing, there was nothing they could do, and anyone adding would have created more fire, more angst, and more confusion. I tried to add a calm interaction and was ignored, and the anger flowed again.

Why keep anger at all?

Anger, passion, love, and a host of other positives and negatives all these are close bedfellows. I know I have virtually unlimited anger, but it gives me virtually unlimited passion as well, passion for all the things I love to do, work, play and more. It drives me to know as the anger pushes me to be my best, to know more, and feel more deeply. In the end, I would not give it up, but it is a double edged sword.

Do you see your anger? Do you see it as it is or as you think it is? Do you feel the positives and negatives? Does it help you along or hold you back? Are you like what I saw recently, lost in it and not seeing yourself? Or do you use it to drive you to be better?

I think we all have the ability to control our anger. We choose to or not to, and some choose to control it to do more. After all, it was Bruce Lee after a fight took too long that was angry with himself, and redoubled his efforts to be better. We can choose to control ourselves or be controlled, but we must acknowledge it is a choice.

So as the sun sets on another day, I hate to admit it, but when I saw the anger recently, I was angry. I did not let it out, but it was there, and as I realized it I took control and turned it into something else, and it is there I find I will continue to grow. I hope you find the same, and don’t let anyone get you down, instead, take life to the next level and enjoy it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and feel you passion every day…




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