A time for time…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was a spectacular series of colors and light that culminated in a fiery sword reaching to the sky. I was impressed. Perhaps a little more than impressed as I saw the clouds of the west slowly swallow the light, and then darkness fall upon the horizon.

There is time. It is all around us but it does not exist at all. Today I was writing SOPs (Yes, I like writing SOPs, it may well be a personal problem) and considering time as a whole as I wrote. It was not too long ago that I wrote SOPs for other companies, and before that, some more. It seems my life has contained quite a few standard operating procedures, and as I have progressed, my understanding of the value of time has altered my approach to them. 

Tonight, as I sit writing not for work but for me, I thought about writing an SOP for life, and somewhere in the middle it became only a series of a few short lines.

  1. Find joy in your life every day and make your day the best day it can be
  2. Give joy to someone special and let them feel all the powerful joy you can give in every moment, unless it conflicts with #1
  3. Give joy to others and show them a way to find joy unless it conflicts with #2 or #1

Funny, sounds like laws of robotics. (I will giggle for a moment here). I have found as simple as this seems there is an underlying flaw because so many people have trouble finding joy. I am not sure why, but many seem to worry about others or what others think more than what they think or how they feel. That in itself is almost self destructive. So what, right? Well, the so what is back to time. We don’t have enough. As we move forward maybe we need to realize that every day that is less than powerfully positive is a day that can slow us down. Every day that is negative, well, it really is a detriment. I would rather it not be. How about you? Wouldn’t life be better if you could find the simple happiness’s that make your days better? Wouldn’t life be better if we just took the time to spread our happiness round? Consider it.

So as the sun sets on another day, today is the best only day of your life. There is not yesterday or tomorrow. Neither exist. So how is your day? You made it that way, so make it the best it can be, and smile a little when you can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and cowabunga!


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