The sun sets on another day…

One of the things I thought was fun inn my first book, Vengeful Son, was to name the chapters uniquely. Well, at l;east I saw it as unique. Each chapter ended with the “shun” sound and I ended up with each “shun” sounding chapter being about that work.  Exhilaration, jubilation, tactician, all became thoughts that congealed in the words I wrote.

It was a fun plan, but after talking to dozens of readers, no one noticed. Well, no one I have talked to so far. It is funny when you are trying to write and you note something that means a lot to you, but not so much to the people who read it.

Ever feel that way?

I spent all this time doing X and thought someone would notice, but they didn’t. I spent all this time trying to make Y better, but no one ever thought about Y.

Well, I did. I thought about X, and I don’t know Y but I thought about it, and along the way I just enjoyed myself and tried to notice all the things I could.

My point is, when you are looking around the room and you notice the baseboards have been wiped down, or when you meet someone and they have gone out of their way to make you feel comfortable, or you are doing a job and someone makes it easier, well, notice. There is very little better than being noticed for doing a good job, especially when you weren’t expecting to be recognized for it.

Hmm, an easy way to make someone happy, being nice expecting nothing, or acknowledging people who were being nice and expecting nothing. Sounds fun.

So as the sun sets on another day, it is a great day, keep making it great, and along the way, maybe notice a few more things and be impressed by everything. It might open your eyes to a lot of fun. Be that person who is good just for being good, all the time, every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, be happy, and spread it around…


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