Split hairs…

The sun sets on another day…

Another sunny day, another day, another moment, and a lot of fun!

I was thinking today about how it can be so easy to get caught up in the details that we lose sight of the tail. Well, no, it should not exactly be worded that way, but I think you can see what I mean. Sometimes we are so involved in our opinionĀ  that we lose sight of what is actually happening. Ahh, I see, we need an example.

If you are say talking to someone about their life, and they tell you how they made some mistakes when they were young, but overcame them later, would you judge based on the mistakes or on what they became? Do the mistakes matter? If it was speeding versus drug use? What about other items? Where is the line? That line is where you are splitting hairs. You set yourself in the beginning that one right or wrong is ok, you just qualified it. It is a bad example because it is wide, but there are times we make such subtle distinctions we have to question why?

My thought is that we have limits and lines and they are very fine. Businesses use it on people all the time, the sale is 9.99 instead of 10.00. Why? Because no one will buy for 10.00 but they will for 9.99? IS this splitting hairs when you quibble about a penny? I say it depends.

Years ago I was buying a car. We walked in and asked for a particular car and said here is another car and this much money. We want to payment to be 299.00. A short time later the finance man came out and said they got it down to 306. I looked at him and said we were leaving. His statement was “We have what you want, are you going to let it slip by for $7?” to which I replied, “No, you are.” We left. Who was splitting hairs?

So what? Well, I think we need to carefully consider what we are doing and move on as we need to move on. We need to be those people that don’t get lost in the trivial, but instead look at the bigger picture. That picture may very well be that we only have 29000 sunsets left, and as we progress, do we really want to waste time on the trivial? Do we want to argue over $7, or just buy or find someone who cares? Do we want to live a life that is happy, or worry about the unhappy? I can say I am sometimes not sure, but I am not going to get lost in small details when the day is going so good.

So as the sun sets on another day, enjoy your day. Stop worrying about the trivial petty things in life and start worrying about, well, just stop worrying. Find a path that you can traverse that gives you happiness each and every day. Along the way take a few people with you and let’s be happy together, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live well…

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