The price of No

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset came and went, behind a cloud but beautiful none the less. I smiled as the sun slipped behind the clouds and projected a small rainbow on the whiteness above.

I watched a child ask for a pack of gum at the grocery and heard the mother say no. It was pretty obvious she was not playing and wanted to make certain that no was definitely seen as no, the child looked sad, but moved on. I thought a lot right then about the fine line between no, and NO.

What does it matter? No does mean no, no matter how you slice it. Everyone has the right to say no, to live no, to make no their very mantra, but think about it another way. If all we hear is no, at what time does yes become inconsequential. If all you say is no, at what point does the word no mean it is time to walk away, run away, or sit in a corner for a while. No is not a motivator, it is a demotivator that removes some of the soul. No, I am not saying you should always say yes, nor am I saying that a child deserves what they want all the time. Far from it. I am not fond of the people who give everything to their own detriment only to watch the careless nature of YES eliminate all the good it may have done. Instead I am wondering if there can be a balance. Can we say not right this second, but I am not giving up on you? Can we determine when yes is a better answer? All I am asking is for the easy no and the easy yes to be considered as less desirable. How about we look for the semi fun No, and the always fun yes, and find something in between.

Just a thought.

So as the sun sets on another day, YES, I enjoy writing and YES, I have fun every day. Yes, just sounds fun, unless you say it like Slytherin, then it is pretty snakey. Find a balance, and say yes sometimes, actually, say yes more than no, and be a little different in the world, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, yes you can, and know when to say no…


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