A walk with the LASER…

The sun sets on another day…

Last night at 3:30 AM I was walking the dogs. Yes, it was me, and if you are anywhere near me you may have seen light flash all around. 

There I was and I listened, to the silence. Yes, you can listen to the silence. When I was in the city you could hear people and things 24 hours a day, where I am now the silence is deafening. (Really it is)

There I walked and could hear my footsteps, there I breathed and could hear my breath turning to mist in the cold night air. There I heard the dogs and could hear my own heartbeat in the moments.

As I walked I pulled out a flashlight with a LASER, and played with the light, and noticed the dancing mist in the air. It was cold and icy, but there were pockets of the days warmth that made a light fog. As the LASER passed through, it lit the small clouds and I smiled, playing in the night air. There I was, in the silence, laughing at my own silliness, but somewhere along the way I had fun. 

Maybe that is all any of us need. A moment of silence with a fine light showing us not the answers, but a way to laugh for a few minutes. Maybe all we need to do is shine that light and see what we can see. 

Worth a try.

So as the sun sets on another day, A LASER can be a lot of fun. I played with it a few weeks ago in a snowstorm, and watched the snowflakes glow as it hit them randomly. Sometimes we just need a little fun, and a few friends that will be there, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and shine a little light on it…

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