It’s you…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was interesting. The crisp night air had sunset, but it also brought light snow, and a whirlwind. I laughed about it and enjoyed every moment, then night fell and I walked in the cool breeze with the dogs.

You. No, not ewe, you.

You are unique, and wonderful, and special and more. You will set the world on fire with who you are if you want to do so, or do nothing if you want to do that as well. You. It is really all about you. I know sometimes you may not think it is, but you are the key to your happiness, your future, and you are the architect of your past and more importantly your today.

There are a lot of people who define themselves by others, but in reality if you do this, you are missing the point. After all, it is up to you.

A funny thought huh?

Well think about it. How many times have you blamed someone else for something, how many times have you looked out and blamed the world, timing, money, a bunch of other stuff, only to find if you consider it, it is all you.

I know any good that has come of me is me, but all the bad is me as well. I can’t blame my family, parents, situations, or anything else for how I am today, I can only blame me for how I walked out of it.

There is a book called “Who moved my cheese?” that is a quick read. It follows four characters with very specific traits and how those four characters adapt to the world in a simple situation. It is telling that they have to hold on to their traits and some succeed, and some do not. It has a lot of lessons but one I feel is in there is how not changing can define you more than anything else, and perhaps be your demise. Sometimes we simply need to change and life will get better. Sometimes you need to see beyond yourself, and life will be much better. A scary thought knowing we have control of us.

Think about it.

So as the sun sets on another day, The day is defined, made, and cataloged by you, so lets mark this down as a win and be happy each day we can. After all it is great if you think so, and less than great day if you think that too. 

Sleep sweet, love long, and enjoy your time…

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