The sun sets on another day…

They were holy words. They were words that meant something. Could it be that now they are just words?

I know I know I am not giving you enough information to know what I am talking about. There was a Star Trek original episode called the Omega Glory. In it there was a mirror Earth that went very similar to the path of our Earth. At the core we’re two groups the yangs and the coms. They fought constantly and without measure. In the Crux of the episode we find the American flag and a whole lot more.

E plebnista was translated over years and years and years from the original We the People.

It is a strange word we. It means we are not alone. It means we are more together than we are apart. It means, well, it means we need we don’t we?

Well, some people do, and some people think they don’t, but in the end those that think they don’t probably do more than they say. Still, those that think they don’t may need less than they think or have less than they think they do. Yeah, probably a pain, probably does not really matter, but maybe, just maybe there is a key to we when we think about it. When we find the right “we”s and they find us, maybe we is a bit better. Maybe we actually means a lot then. It is an interesting thought.

I have a lot of friends in my “we” but only a very few close friends. When those friends say they will be there “no matter what”, they simply are there “no matter what”.  We all have that a little, but think for a moment, who can you really count on? Who will defend you when you are not around, and who brings you down the moment you leave the room? Who will stand with you when they don’t have to, and mostly who will lift you up when you need it and even if you don’t? It is a tough question that social media has redefined. In our new world sometimes the “we” is the hidden few. I have helped a few people on social media that I barely know. I expect nothing and many times they don’t even know I helped. I think that is the way it should be, if we want to help we should do so, without want or need. We should be more. 


So as the sun sets on another day, this short article went sideways eh? Maybe we needed it, maybe we didn’t, but I know in the end I will be happy knowing some people are in my life, my friend, my protector, my inspiration, and perhaps a lot more, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, be kind, and enjoy the night…


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