Another poem…

The sun sets on another day…

As I stated yesterday, I was going through a bunch of stuff and found a small composition book. I thought I would share some of the items I wrote in it so long ago.



Silence of a thousand words Spoken from you to me

I tremble with excitement as you know just what I mean


Chasmic feelings cross the distance from me to you

Now you know for sure that my true love is true


seeing is believing or so they sometimes say

hearing is not dreaming nor does it keep the truth away


Feeling is much better but now from me to you

knowing is the best thing and knowing I love you

I have always believed in the depth of love, and sometimes I wonder the reality of it all. There are times you see it as real, and times that it is less than positive as it wanes or worse. It is an interesting thought to say the least. In my opinion real love is always there and never fades. Real love is being away from a long time and walking into a room with someone and still feeling beyond the depth of it all. My opinion, I could be wrong.

So as the sunn sets on another day, the little composition book is fun, I will have to post another tomorrow, just to share and have a little fun. Enjoy your night, and love life, just because.

Sleep sweet, feel deeply, and live every day as though there is no tomorrow…

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