Massive memories…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was not there. A haze was across the land, pretty much like people see it right now. As I filled up the tank of the car I watched the thick clouds slowly drift by, lost in the grey skies.

I am cleaning up a lot of “stuff” right now. One of the boxes I just eliminated had over 100 floppy disks in it and believe it or not I have a USB floppy drive. The floppies contained pictures from a Sony Mavica. It was one of the early digital cameras and my father had one. I went through each disk, and they were his, and in the process I saw him again though he has been gone for 17 years. 

I am not one to get too lost in the past. I believe whining about a past is a bad use of time. Instead we should look for those things in our past that listed us higher, showed us more, and made us who we are in a positive manner. There are far too many negative possibilities in life to miss out on anything, instead, we should enjoy the past, and learn from it.

I smiled and did this tonight as I looked through pictures, and imported them to my library to enjoy as I want to always. You should too, pick out the good memories, set aside the bad, and enjoy all you can, no matter what.

So as the sun sets on another day, that was a lot of floppies, but I had fun, and again, the things reduce. Well, somewhat. I hope I can get many years of fond memories out of these pictures, and share them as I can. 

Sleep sweet, smile like crazy, and laugh the night away…


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