Not so fast…


The sun sets on another day…

I am amazed. How quickly life can change, how rapid the world turns, how amazing life can be each day. There seems to be a buzz everywhere, a burr burr burr, that makes you head spin. then it is gone.

Sad, I know. I will pause here for a moment and sniffle, not with the edge of some cold that will eat the world, or a flu that will cut down the masses, but just a pause so we know that nearly everything we can understand is finite. Ouch, I know, that hurts. We will eventually fly the coop, or something like that.

If you think about this site, and why I started it a long long time away, in this galaxy, well, it was because so many people take the life they have for granted. That moment to moment may well be upon them, but they focus on the things that are not what they seem, they wish away their moments, and a moment later they are gone. I am reminded of a funny song “Ironic” by Alanis Morixssette where a man turned 98, won the lottery and died the very next day, or the man who played it safe and when he finally took the jump to fly, it was over. Now the song takes the negative side, but there is a silver lining. Why wait? What is it you are focusing on that really really matters? Does it?

I guess my point in the strange day of a post if that why are you waiting? What is holding you back, is it real? If you would do it no matter what, and you don’t, why say it? If you believe it is time to really believe, and if the world is no more next Thursday (why next Thursday? Why not?) then maybe you should be enjoying your time instead of wallowing in pity, self loathing, despair, or any of that,. Maybe its time to realize you are great and just get to it. If you are not great, you are anyway, get to it! 

so as the sun sets on another day, let’s have some fun, enjoy life, stop wondering when the other shoe is going to fall and take the shoes and socks off and let’s rumple, you are as amazing as you want to be, and I will be right there with you, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, get to it, and I wonder what it is…

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