Strange times…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset, wow, so many colors, so much fire. so quiet outside. The world is now a new place.

I usually don’t get too involved in the rants of the world, well, not more than often, well, I do sometimes, but we are now living in a strange time. The world is a unique place, and at the moment we are seeing the positives and negatives of people. Not a person, but people. People are divided more than ever right now. Not for any bad reason, but not for a good reason either. In the end, people are , well, people.

So this eve I sit to you as a person. As a person you are experiencing a  series of sunsets. As a person you have choices, and as a person you choose how to live and how you will make those choices.

Seriously, we all know right from wrong. We all know how to be better people, and to be good to others. All I can ask right now of myself is to try to be a decent person. Isn’t that enough? Ask yourself? Are you part of the solution or part of the problem? Consider how you see thew world right now. Consider being positive and leading the way to a positive place.

So as the sun sets on another day, I will leave this as elusive as I can. We all have to figure out how we can be a  good person. If we are told a path it just isn’t doesn’t work as well. Make yourself part of a solution that works, and in the process enjoy the sunsets, and out lives, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and make a positive difference…

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