The end of March

The sun sets on another day…

Well, maybe this time it should be the sun sets on another month. Perhaps even an era, or is it just beginning?

As I write I note that many of us may only get 29000 sunsets. It is an average. I wonder if that has shifted. Is there a new number coming? Will it be more, or less? Does it really matter?

True, today is the end of a month and it was a unique month, but what did you accomplish? What did you change? What did you do that made your world more complete, even if it may have been seemingly limited. Nice word, seemingly. Sure, I see a lot of people having real problems. Hiding away, being alone, but I see some achieving. Taking this time to learn, make a difference, or be more than they were before.

It is all relative, but I will say that today was a great day if only because it lead to April that is now filled with hope.

So as the sun sets on another day, lets make a difference in our own lives each day. Let’s make them better, and in the process, let’s have a little fun, a few laughs, and enjoy the world we can, no matter if it is in our living room, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love, and laugh a little too…

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