Changing states…

The sun setsĀ  on another day…

As the sun set the clouds closed in and once again there was a mist covering the sunset. I considered raising the drone and trying to get above the clouds, but knew it would be too high. Instead I enjoyed the moment and watched a short time later as a brief storm rolled through, lightning and thunder were all around, then they too were gone.

Water is fun. It can be a formidable wall as ice, and many cars have been slaughtered by ice walls, or icy streets. It can be great fun to swim in in its liquid form, and as steam, well it is ouchie hurtie and floats around in the air. Funny huh? Every matter has multiple states, and though I have not seen gaseous iron, I know it could exist. Water in its states can be very powerful and is used to power massive turbines as it goes from gas to liquid and back.

I like to think we have multiple states as well. I would like to think that each day we have the ability to change between our positives, negatives and neutrals and it affects how we interact with the world. As a positive we are a driving force, but so too as a negative, and even the neutral has purpose, and perhaps is a grounding state for us all. What pushes us though them is a mystery sometimes, and evident others, but I just want to state for today, that each day we have power, no matter what our state, and we can move ourselves to a positive state if we want to, right?

It may come as a shock to know I am not always happy. (I will pause here as you gasp in utter disbelief). If I feel neutral or down I have to use my strength to change it, and I do, because positive is my best state. You can too, I know you can, just make it a goal.

So as the sun sets on another day, we change states all the time. Find your center, and keep that center going. BE positive and use your power wisely, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love deeply, and don’t get steamed…

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