The sun sets on another day…

Cloudy, steamy, dull, and suddenly wow. The colors where everywhere, the power of the sunset palpable. Sometimes you wonder how and why, but usually I try to just enjoy it as I can.

I read a lot, maybe a little too much. I like Piers Anthony as an author, I also like quite a few others, both Indy and mainstream. Piers Anthony often writes or has written about alternity. The idea that single decisions can create entirely different worlds and outcomes. This is shared by so many different authors, and in those stories we find the possibility that different paths create a world where we are someone completely different. It is funny to even consider as you have to look at all the pivot points in your life, and there would be hundreds of thousands of different realities.

Funny, but, how would the world be if you looked at it a little differently? How would the world be if one things had changed? So many people think about the “what if” in their lives that they lose sight of something important. Today.

If we only have 29000 sunsets, why waste it worrying about the past. The pieces of alternity that plague us are ghosts, and we should be living today. This moment we can define, well, this moment, and no more, so let’s make it the best moment we can make it. Let’s not get hung up on things we can change, but instead lets rejoice in our day, and make it as super as we can.

So as the sun sets on another day, it was a good day. Sure, it could have been better, or worse, but it was just right as it was, and when tomorrow comes, I will make it a good day too. No sidesteps or silliness, but instead enjoying the fact I am alive, and all the time I have is worth it. Join me? Let’s find a way to enjoy it all, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, live life, and embrace it all you can…

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