A battle…

The sun sets on another day…

A glimpse of sunset after a day of battle. The battle was not with another man, or a thought, or an animal, but nature.

I started the day early, a morning call and I needed to get in a few calls first, but as I looked outside I saw water rising. The torrential rains had overwhelmed the outside sump. I went out, and reached in feet of water to clear the pump. The water drained from the area, a small battle won.

A short time later I noted the new garden doing its best impression of a submarine. The newly dug post holes and the posts disappearing under water, only the tops of the posts sticking out, well, way out, but the holes we now completely under water. I smiled, and wondered if I should have built an ark.

A short time later from that the pipe draining the sump went under water, and then could barely be seen. I wondered if the water would rise enough that the pumps could not keep up, but smiled and continued to work.

A short time after that the inside sump could barely keep up, and a small amount of water appeared in the house. I smiled again, and did what I could, and somehow beat nature again. The day passed, the rain stopped and for a moment there was blue sky. I smiled, surveyed the area, looked to the sky and knew the battle was over. I had not won, but I had not lost, and that was good enough.

I know, I know, this is a bit over the top, and we all don’t face things like this every day, well, I hope we don’t, but at the same time maybe we do. Maybe we face far worse and just come up with ways of dealing with it. Look around, there is a lot of chaos right now, and some people are dealing with it and have a smile on their face, others, well, they are fighting nature, and not doing all so hot. Maybe we just need to accept that we may lose and find a way to be good enough, or maybe even better.

A lot of maybes in that list, but maybe, just maybe, we can come out ahead if we try.

So as the sun sets on another day, don’t build an ark. Better days are coming. Each moment we can tack with the wind and find our course to make it. It may not always be perfect, but perhaps it can be, good enough.

Sleep sweet, laugh often, and never stop trying…

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