Find a way…

The sun sets on another day…

The sunset was almost extreme, then again there were clouds, but it could not dampen the excitement of the day, after all today was filled with amazement, and sun, and anything less than a good day would have to be worked at and created.

There are always reasons to have a bad day. Just like there are always reasons to have a good day. We see the things we want to see and make our days as we want them to be. No one else in the world can control us, except us.

For many this is a difficult concept, but there are some who have found their way to accept the unacceptable, and enjoy most anything. Of course there are exceptions. Anyone who speaks in absolutes must be selling swampland somewhere. Still, can you find a way. Can you find a way to enjoy our world right now even though it is not a perfect one? Can you find a way to enjoy a situation, even though it is not perfect? Can you find a way to be happy, even when you shouldn’t?

Take the time, stop and try to smell the roses, or at the least to feel the positives around you. They are there if you look. They are always there.

So as the sun sets on another day, I walk into another day of quarantine with open eyes, knowing there will or may be snow, but I will get through it. Knowing I found a huge rick where I want to put a fencepost, but mostly knowing today was a good day, and tomorrow will be to if I let it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and find your way…

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