The sun sets on another day…

Well, it was there, but mostly the rain fell on another day. Then it fell some more, and some more, and some more, and well, it is still falling now.

I am currently in a battle with water, and believe it or not I am winning. It makes me smile to know that I can use technology and stay ahead. It makes me smile as well to see everything going on outside, the rain is falling true, and it is a lot of rain, but there are things growing everywhere, and everywhere there are differences. Everywhere things are changing, and changing fast.

As I sat today I took a break and took pictures of the birds at my birdfeeder. I get a kick out of watching them as I know many do. One thing I noticed is that they are out for themselves, but sometimes they cooperate. The funniest is the chipmunks and squirrels that throw seen out and birds land on the ground and get it. Yeah, they probably do it for themselves, but it is nice to consider the cooperation. 

We all have differences, mainly because none of us are the same. (It makes sense you know) Have you ever considered you may be right and need to share? Have you ever considered you may be wrong and need to listen? I know we all think we are the masters of (Enter something fun here)but maybe we need to spend more time looking at our differences as positives, than negatives. Maybe we need to consider that the only negative is being so sure of ourselves that we don’t consider possibilities. 

Who cares? this isn’t about life or sunsets or enjoying the moment, right? Well, maybe if we spend a little more time with each other being good, we will have a happier time, and a happier moment. This can lead to a happier life, and as we move forward, we can perhaps see the world as a better place, right? Well, I would like to think so.

So as the sun sets on another day, I for one welcome differences. My friend and I do not always agree, but we are always friends and I always enjoy learning about his points of view. Take a moment, enjoy the sunset, and consider how varied the world is, it will amaze you if you let it, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and feed the birds…



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