Towards transition…

The sun sets on another day…

I drove today. 12 hours round trip. I saw a lot of people, visited a lot of gas stations, and generally enjoyed listening to music, comedy, and silence. The silence is always good for me on long drives, so I can think. After collecting a truck full of supplies, I turned around and headed home. As I drove I watches the clouds change, where there was fog, became clouds, and clouds became clear sky. In the end I will home in a beautiful scene that could only be described as epic.

It was interesting watching the day transition. It made me think a lot about transitions in life, and how we handle those transitions.

I have been through my share of transitions in life, but then again we all have in some way or another. As we gain experience we are always in a state of transition, well, almost everyone is. The question is, how do we handle transitions? Do we power through them, let them power through us, or some other progression or series of reactions that allow us to tolerate change and the transitions we all must face. 

Just remember you are important. Be there for yourself. Accept what you can, and change as you need to to make your life the best it can be. I know, it sounds easy, but change is inevitable, transitions happen, but we have to find the right way to transition to make our life positive, and not be lost in despair. Take a moment, look at your life, and all the things you have been through, you can make the changes necessary, and be ready for the next time. 

So as the sun sets on another day, we all transition from birth until the end. Make it work as well as you can, and love who you are every day too, it helps. I hope your day is amazing, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and enjoy the ride…


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