The sun sets on another day…

I watches the sun fall behind the trees. It was a slow drop, not painful or pressed, but just a slow progression to the lower area, where it fell out of my sight. As it fell, the scattered light reflected from the water on the ground, and there were sparkles everywhere. I felt for a moment as though I was lost in a kaleidoscope, then smiled as night closed in.

After enjoying the sparkles for a moment I thought I would share another poem from 2000. I wrote a lot that year, and later published a book of poetry. As with most books of poetry it did so-so. Still, I enjoyed it very much. Without further please enjoy, Silence.


Pounding down from around with unknown might

Making me feel the things I did not feel

And know the things I did not know

Allowing me to see beyond what was

And see what is and what might be

Long time friend and bitter enemy

Saying words unspoken and feelings unfelt

Making sure I know myself from within

As only I can know me

Showing me the light without direction

That comes from a place deep inside me

And shows me a way that I know

To be true to me and my path

Feeling what I know is and what will be for all time

Sighing at the feelings that delve within my soul

Bitter at the prospect of learning

But knowing I know more from the quiet teacher of my soul: Silence

So as the sun sets on another day, I shared this as I wrote on Facebook for a moment to someone I should have just ignored. Sometimes we just need silence to really understand. sometimes we just need silence to learn, and, well, sometimes we just need silence. Take your time, learn the ways you can, and enjoy your time each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and embrace the quiet… 


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