The way of the way…

The sun sets on another day…

As I left a store (Needing only a few essentials, like Oranges, yummy) I watched the sun fall in the western sky. I could not get to my camera fast enough, nor did I have a drone, and the phone would not have done it justice, so I stopped, watched, smiled, and saw the trees swallow the crimson orb. It was stunning, and awesome, and I was happy.

I am combining a few things here, if I lose you I will try to tie it up in the end.

There is a way of things. There is a way to become something as well. I would like to say there is a way to a way. I know people are watching “The Mandelorian” and I thought it was quite a fun show. It showed one way to a way. I have also read a lot of other similar stories from recent and long ago, and of course there are martial arts which find a way to a way as well. The funny thing is you usually find the way to the way when you are not looking, and it may not be the way you think you were looking for in the first place. There are ways I would recommend, and ways I would not. I would not recommend how I made it to my way, but these are personal choices. My whole point (I almost said hole point, but that would have been golf, right?) is that we often start a journey to find the way, and we can get sidetracked. In “The Way of the Sword” the young man searching to be a swordsman pushes towards a way, only to find he does not understand it and ends up going another way. I found that my way to my way made me a monster and had to find another way.

So what, right? What in the heck are you trying to say dude, I came here to hear about something positive and a sunset and all.

Well, and to the point, we all have a way we are trying to go. Even if we are not obsessed with the future which you know, if you have read any of my posts, you should not be. We still have a goal, a vision, a place we want to go, take the best picture, sing the best song, live a good life, and that is a way to a way. If we want to become the best swordsman, it may not even be with a sword, but by being aware.  That is a way to that way. My point in this convoluted mess is simple: find your way. Not someone else’s, not mine, or Fred’s, but your way. I know people have said that a lot, but your way is the best way for you and be aware, your way may change.(It may not, but hey) I expect it will change a lot. I find today my way is not the same, my windmills are still there, but I stopped letting them guide me and found another way. You will as well. 

Of course I am not saying pine about the future, but find your way there, and as you guide yourself to that way, be mindful that it may be the way, and it may not.

Hmm, I reread, still a convoluted mess, but I am going to post it anyway.

So as the sun sets on another day, define a way. Live your days for today, and I hope it can support the way you choose. Don’t pine about the future, or whine about the past, but in defining your day, define your way, and as you do find some peace knowing you are moving in a direction, hopefully the right one. Find a center and believe in yourself, and your way will be the right one, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and find the way…


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