The sun sets on another day…

It is said that inspiration is “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative”. (Yeah, no real point here, just that it is said) Where does our inspiration come from? I pondered on this as I watched the sunset and smiled at the clouds that partially blocked the setting orb. Oh, and I wrote about something similar here if you want to look at it.

I never realized how much I had written until I started putting it in one directory on the computer. The stories and poems began mounting up, and pieces of stories that lay unfinished began mounting as well. There are a lot of fun pieces of writing and I realized as I read them that they came from many inspirations. We are all inspired in a lot of ways and I realized I was inspired by a lot of a lot of ways. (and that’s a lot) 

A few pieces I have written were inspired by situations. Things that happened to me and I dealt with, one way or another. These situations created situations I worked with and either created fiction or a poem to describe them. I know that seems like it is a lot of inspiration, a situation that gives experience, but I found that is not the most I use. A good example is “The Statue”, a story about how things are not always as they seem.

People are a the top of my list. It is not necessarily a person in general, but how a person interacted with me and where we ended up that creates a situation defined by a person and a story defined by my interactions. This complex set of criteria make for interesting at worst and exciting at best pieces that can be either fictional or real. The person themselves may not be as much of an issue as how their actions and interactions worked with me or affected me in some way. This can also create secondary situations that may seem real, but in reality are not. A good example of this is my story “The Storm” which explores pain and how deeply it can affect us all. It was inspired by a person but it hit close to home as well.

People can also create secondary worlds and being hurt creates a lot. I found that a lot of my poetry is based on people and passionate emotions. This means the emotions were near uncontrollable, sometimes even more so. It is amazing how when someone hurts you terribly it actually inspires you as much as when someone lifts you up or treats you well. It is also amazing how longing and complacency can suck the inspiration out of you. The inner wants and actions to create those wants seem to pull us (well me) away from writing and being inspired. Complacency, defined as almost just being there, gives nothing, or at least nothing to me. A deep seated happiness or pain can give stories or poems that are wrought with a lot of feeling like “Protect his Heart”.

Places and sights can be a massive inspiration. It is here that sunsets, artifacts, flowers and more cross over with each and every other item and suddenly there is inspiration. I find that this inspiration can be that inspiration that trigger that pulls from more and more. A place or a feeling can pull together more and more.

Animals have to be in here. My pets have been an inspiration to me, and the unconditional love they display is enduring throughout who I am. I have found many examples of this, but sorry, no links.

Then there are the seven. Not sure why there are seven to me, but that is all so far. Maybe I will run into more, maybe not. There are seven people I have met that are like shining stars of inspiration. They do not go up and down and I found when I met them and talked to them that they found the way to be more even when there was less. Those people are alive or dead now but each of them had a spark that synced with me. They may or may not sync with you, it is likely they would, but their positive power find a way inside your mind. It saddens me that most of the people I have met with this near insane spark are taken advantage of or believe that people they are with see the world as they do, but often they convince themselves of best cases, or settle for something that is less than perfect thinking they can make it more perfect later. I am as guilty. It is in these people that a 15 minute conversation can affect your lifetime. It is in these people we find inspiration to do and to do more. It is here that we can find those people who will let us achieve more. Yeah, I know, clear as mud, but for me, seven people guided some part of my hand to a better place.

Where is your inspiration from? How can you find your way to more? What makes you that positive person that will not fall nor be pulled into the quagmire that so many people succumb to? Think about it. It is not hard, you can find your center and suddenly be more.

So as the sun sets on another day I find myself inspired. I wrote a lot today. Thanks to all of you who ready, the few thousand people who have ready thousands of my words ion the over 1800 posts I have written. Thanks, for being my inspiration and I hope you find yours, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, see the world, and make it yours…


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