The sun sets on another day…

I spent today in the garden, pulling weeds and cleaning up. As I did so I watched hawks fly by, and heard all the bees, dragonflies, and a few mosquitoes that abound in the area. As the landscape I was in slowly changed I thought about how we spread seeds, and how they grow in our life.

I wrote about similar here.

I was looking at the complexities of the plants in the garden and the differences in each plant. I have several tomato plants and some are getting big, some are still a little small. This year I expanded the garden giving more space, and I wondered what the differences would be. Is it soil? Water? Something different? This year there are more weeds, are the weeds choking things out? Why do some grow and adapt better than others? The cucumbers are climbing a fence this year and that makes it easier for me, but they are not quite as big? Have I made them climb too high? All good questions, and as I worked on weeds and soil I considered that it would be as it would be, I could only help so far. I guess a good gardener has an advantage, I am perhaps in the middle. A good gardener thinks of everything. You know what? Sometimes even the best have rough years. They do as I do a bit more, they just keep going, just keep making a difference.

Here we are in the real world. There were a lot of seeds planted for a good year. There are a lot of things going on. The world is not like last year. We have had a few bumps. (Last time there was a bump like this it may have knocked us to the moon, but hey) Along the way though we can work to weed our lives and pull out the bad things. Those negative items in our life can fall away and be no more if we cull them out. We can keep laying our foundations and do the right things, after all, we know how we should progress we just need to stay on our path. We can examine our changes and realign as necessary, we know we need to do this sometimes and it just makes sense. Mostly we can face today and do the best we can and stop worrying about yesterday and tomorrow as much as ensuring today is as good as possible. You know what, if we make today good, we have a foundation for tomorrow and it might just be easier. 

No one has all the answers, I don’t think anyone even has all the questions. We can work hard to make our life as good as we can then I know each day will be pretty OK. Let’s work on it. Yes it is work, a good day and a good life don’t just happen, you have to be involved in it.

So as the sun sets on another day, I am going to work to make my day the best ever. Meet me there. Let’s have some fun, enjoy it and do the best we can, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and yummy cucumbers…



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