And the stars are still there…

The sun sets on another day…

I wrote a shorter version of this here some time ago.

In an episode of star trek a long time ago I watched and listened to this quote:

“20th-century Earth. “All I… ask is a tall ship, and a star to steer her by.” You… you could feel the wind at your back in those days. The sounds of the sea beneath you. And… even if you take away the wind and the… water, it’s still the same. The ship is yours. You can feel her. And the stars are still there, “

To me at the time (I was young) it was a brave quote about how the ships had changed from sea to space, but as I looked at it years ago and again today it is more about change and how fast we are changing. I have some discussions online about different items. There are some things I am passionate about, and some that I am curious as to how people feel. It was different once. In 2006 I gave a presentation to a large group of doctors and professionals talking about “A Smaller World: The changing face of technology” but in it I noted that communication and the world are changing as fast as technology. I updated this twice as years moved on simply because even after a year or two most of the aspects of technology had again changed. Each time I presented it to a larger group, and each time it was different because technology had changed.

Here we are today, in the center of a maelstrom, but we are still the same. We have take a lot away and added a lot, but as the quote from Star Trek states in an indirect manner, we are still here, and we need to feel our life as we sail through it. (Yes, I know I have taken some liberties here.) 

I said previously “Too often we let technology get in the way of our passion, our lives, and even the depths of our souls. Somewhere in the grand scope of life there are so many things that so many found to be important that they stepped aside and forgot the importance of passion and beauty, or did they?”. I think it is time, yes, it is my opinion it is time to start watching the sunset and stop focusing on a lot of items. Perhaps it is time to watch the stars again and stop watching each other with such a horrible magnifying glass that we cannot see past ourselves, let alone anything else.

I know it sounds easy, or maybe it doesn’t, but I believe we can all be positive if we try. (I also believe we can all be negative if we try.) We just have to decide if we are going to be a positive force or a negative one.

So as the sun sets on another day, the world has changed so fast, but somewhere we are still here. Let’s find our positive sides, let’s move into the realm of looking to who we are in reality, and lets enjoy the sunset, the sunrise, and the stars above together each day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and keep being a good person…

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