The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was clear and vibrant, and the sky shifted from day to night much more quickly without the clouds to bounce the light asunder. It was a good and amazing feeling.

I am swirling in thoughts about life. People are a series of misdirections and contradictions often and it makes me wonder what is real and what is not. For so long I had the feeling that love was eternal to many because I have felt love for so long. Love, not the frilly lust or rapidly fading pseudo love. All these feelings and it seems many can set them aside at an instant, and in doing so truly make a mess of themselves and the people around them.

What is real? Is it what we see in front of us or what is told to us? Can we truly ever know if we are chemically induced temporary insanity or a permanent etching on a soul? I would like to think the later and the people we touch can become people we are part of for all time as those who touch us can become a betterment of our life.

Is there a line? Is the line drawn at family? That blood bond that is so tight we know it and feel it? Is it something more? Are there people who become a part of our life and we can never forget? I find it interesting as there will always be people who are a special part of me, and even if I cannot see them, talk to them, or be part of their lives they are there every day. There are those friends that are eternal and beyond, and those friends that say and do the right things, and are not really there. As lost as a piece of smoke to us.

So as the sun sets on another day what do you think? Do you feel forever? Is it transient? Or like many do you try to forget or make up falsehoods to protect yourself. No answer is necessary, jus think about it, and enjoy this wonderful night no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love always, and perhaps forever…

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