The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was sublime, yet ridiculous. Sure it was a good sunset lost in the Tennessee trees and hills but it was also filled with colors that waxed and waned and did little to define themselves. Pretty yet elusive.

It is said a star burns brightest before it is gone. The last moments it shows its full power, then fades away. I have been told the same about me in the past that I was far too (x) where X could be passionate, over the top, excited, involved, focused and many more hapless adjectives. The problem with that is that none of them describe the essence of who I was, nor do they describe the essence of you and all you can be.

Sometimes we don’t reach as high as we should and in doing so we can’t see how far we can reach. Last month I set an unrealistic goal for myself. I wanted to write two books in one month. It seemed pretty out there but somehow I was inspired, and I did exactly as I considered. I wrote two books in one month with very different storylines and very intense plots that were nearly opposite. There were new characters, new ideas, new permutations of a theme and still I was able to do so. 

Lots of people set goals for themselves and make it. Athletes, actors, teachers and the like set amazing goals for themselves and find their way because it is not just a goal, it is a way of thinking. In the end, it will be complete, and in the end they will be better for it. I considered this a lot today as I thought about the people who try to lift others up. Those people who have the presence of mind to take a moment and instead of just rising they lift us all. It is these people that can bring us to the pinnacle of their existence and allow us to find the pinnacle of ours. Sure, it may be hard, but consider, the goals we set are not weekly or monthly they are every day. 

Start simple, start small, show other people how to get there, not with something lofty and near insane as I did, but instead set a small goal and make it, then a little larger and make it, Bring others along, show them your way and if they come along, great, and if not, well, that’s ok as well. We all have our foci, we all have our eventual goals. Make yours a goal to rise to your pinnacle, and they keep moving higher.

So as the sun sets on another day. A young woman in Tennessee rose each day to a pinnacle, and then built a higher mountain before her. It was not easy, but she pressed onward and upward and along the way brought a lot of people with her. Her spirit is an inspiration. Find your inspiration wherever it may be, find your goal, and bring a few people with you. You will be surprised what it does for us all. Make a difference to yourself and others, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and love life a little more…

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