The sun sets on another day…

I will warn you now, this will not be the normal post I write, read on at your own risk. I hope it will be uplifting, but it may be a little sad as well.

This week my niece, Haley Sue Pearson passed away unexpectedly in a terrible accident. Many will stop there and set it aside. To me it was a lot more. This week my niece Haley Sue Pearson passed away unexpectedly being the person she wanted to be and trying to help someone in need selflessly. This is only part of a larger story.

Almost exactly 25 years ago I held a 3 pound baby who could easily fit in the palm of my hand. My sister and brother in laws pride and Joy, Haley could only be considered a leader and a fighter. As this young lady grew up she was destined to be in the limelight at all times. She loved making people happy, making people laugh, and being that young woman who was not just there, but THERE. I remember often when I saw her the hugs she gave me. I was monumentally massive but this young lady would always hug me with all her might and perhaps a little more. She did not jus hold me but she made sure I knew she felt with deep conviction, and that she was there with me in that moment. As I watched her grow up I continually saw that young woman who would lead, and bring others with her along the way. A song became a concert and it was not just her, but her inspiring others to join her. A few moments of laugher became joke after joke and her eyes sparkled with a life that only a few could understand. Haley truly saw every moment as an opportunity, and every opportunity as a gift. 

I remember her leading a small group of children and inspiring them to act and play and be interactive. People were drawn to her and she made the best out of them. Their goals became attainable as she encouraged those around her, and helped them understand that moments were important, and friends were more important.

A talented and inspiring actress I sat in many plays and now am saddened I will not see more, and did not see them all. Her portrayal of the parts she was assigned with not rigid or filled with lines, she found a way to impart the emotions of the character to us all, and in the process found herself inspiring everyone to be more, see more, and feel more. I was often on edge waiting for her to return to the stage, not because I was a doting uncle, but to see what twist she would have on a character, or what she would add of herself to every role.

This summer she and her family spent some time at the house. In the midst of it all I took pictures as we all watched the sunset and saw this woman who was once an inspiring child see the sunset and be lost in its grandeur. It seemed as though the moments were forever, and that she would achieve, overcome, and build a better world just by being in it. That journey ended this week as she tried to reach a friend in an accident, and in the process lost her life. I cannot imagine a world without her and long for more time, but I know that the world is a better place for her being here. She touched so many, and as she did, her life may serve as an example to us all.

So as the sun sets on another day, find the highest peak and climb it, just because. Yeah, we could do that. I have an idea though. Find something that needs to be corrected and work to correct it. Make it better. Make it yours. While you do that accomplish something, then a little more. When you are done find a new goal, and I know you, I, we can make the world better. Do something each day and life will change for the better, and remember Haley if you knew her, she was a great person.

Sleep sweet, love with all your heart, and make the world a better place…


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