Questions and answers…

The sunsets on another day…

Sunset came and went rapidly in the thick clouds. Golden shards of sunlight sparkled the horizon as I drove towards home and thought fondly of all the days I have had.

I am often amazed at how people see the world. So many people have fascinating and amazing questions and a lot of people have a very few answers to those questions. It is hard to know whether the questions are wrong or right and even harder to know whether the answers are wrong or right. Some questions make you ponder a moment while other questions make you ponder your whole life. When you ask the questions you hope for an answer but many times that answer does not appear. Sometimes you just have to work it out.

When I drive, I find that I think about far more. The quiet time or noisy time allows me to focus because my time is purely on the road in the moments before me. When I was younger to pass the time, I would often continuously calculate arrival times in my head by pondering complex math problems and considering when I would arrive and what I would do when I did so. Now I find I spend a lot of time contemplating what I will write my next book on, my next story, or my next post. There is also an amazing amount of time spent on that incredible question we all must ask ourselves,” what if”.

I find that question to be very difficult because often the answer has even more difficult. Many people don’t consider “what if” but by doing so they solved the “what if”s for others. It is amusing and amazing to think about all of the permutations of a life and about all the time that we could be using more effectively. Sure, I know many of you are highly efficient. Yesterday about 500 people logged on to 29,000 sunsets but that varies a lot, and some people boomerang only occasionally and are far more efficient at reading everything that is going on. As I thought about this, I considered what I needed to do to be more efficient myself and realized that a lot of what I do rotates around a series of other people.

What I wanted, if not needed, to say was that sometimes you have to realize who your people are and to your people are not. This can become even more complicated when you consider how many people around you are there for you when you really need them. That can be kind of complicated in itself because sometimes when you really need people it is seriously evident and sometimes it is not evident at all.

Are you being supported or do people look for you to support them? Are you getting the things you need or always giving the things others need? Do you find yourself longing for more or needing less? All these questions should open your mind to the magical question of what if. It’s not always what is on the surface but sometimes far deeper.

I can only suggest you find people who see the world as you do and as you progress you find a little bit of peace because it is given to you freely without asking. Maybe that’s the trick. Maybe the important thing in our life is to be around people who give to you without asking and don’t ask you if you want it first and then make you feel guilty for taking it. I’m not sure. I’m going to think about it a little longer. Let me know what you think.

So as the sunsets on another day driving can sometimes open your mind and in the process give you questions and answers to consider. Perhaps you get the same from a walk on the beach or something similar but in the end find a way to ask yourself the right questions and give yourself some answers too. You’ll find a wonderful payoff at the end of your rainbow, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and remember “what if”…



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