The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was outstanding, and I slept right through it after a fun afternoon at the dentist. Ick.

I have been reading a lot, including 2 books today, one at the dentist and one this evening. Some I have been recording, some I have not. As I read I consider other books I have read, and with all that is going on I have to consider even more.

I have read a lot of books that work with the idea of wishes and reality. From Sphere by Crichton to Tales from the Arabian Knights. The idea of many is to understand how having a dream may become a reality. After all, Cinderella knows a dream is a wish your heart makes, and sometimes they come true.

The question is, what is your dream? Books like Pet Sematary let us know that some dreams are better left alone, and from dozens of other perspectives a dream can be someone else’s nightmare with only a slight twist. Wishmaster (Book and movie) and Bedazzled and the slew of others from Faust to the Picture of Dorian Gray show us that what we want may be more than flawed, and sometimes what we want is not so defined. Country music tells us to Thank God for Unanswered Prayers, and still we have them. (Even if Bruce Almighty fills them all).

I ask simply from the level of you. Not me, you. (Not to be confused with the rather intense series You) We often consider the What IF and the idea that in the Sphere we can see our hopes, our fears and more, maybe we would be better off knowing everything we are and everything that makes us unique was made by all of the stuff that was both good and bad. Maybe we are better to know ourselves, and just be happy with who we are?

I sat here tonight considering all the things I would like to have in the world, and in the end, in spite of it all, I would not change anything. I lost Luna this week, but she gave me 11 and a half years of joy, happiness, and devotion. I have made and lost money, but money is transient and meaningless if you really consider it. I have lost intense passion, and found it, and somewhere in between I understand that real passion is up to me, and it is my choice to live with it, or without it. I have lived a good life with many friends, some have been real, some have faded away, and some never were friends, but all that is my choice as well. In the end this seems to boil down to it is our choice to make with life what we want. In the end we choose, and though others may try to push and pull, though events may try to knock us down or lift us up, we make the decision how to proceed.

Then my tooth hurt. That too was a choice. Everything is, right? I told it to stop, and it did. Oh well.

I have thrown out quite a bit for you to consider, and I sat considering it as well. After all, I am stuck in this “think” often, deciding who and what and where in my perspectives. I hope you can take a few moments and realize winning the lottery might be fun, but it won’t change who you are, just your bank account. It is all up to you.

So as the sun sets on another day, well, there has been a lot to think about this week. A great deal of change, and my road will be to make decisions that honor who I am and my past, my future, and my present. In the process I hope you make good decisions as well, and see beyond the visible to all the things that make you special. You are special you know. You are the best thing in the world each day no matter who you are. Stay special, be fantastic every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and carry on…