Three ghosts…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was filled with clouds and the potential of seeing Jupiter and Saturn together, well, it is not very likely. Still, the day was good because it was another day and we were all in it.

I know I preach the idea that we should focus on today. I know I state over and over to stop wishing away life but in the holiday season I always reread A Christmas Carol and watch the movies, and it says the same. Did you miss it? Well, you have to pay attention but first we cannot whine about the past or pine about the future. Why? Neither exist anymore. In A Christmas Carol the past is cannot be affected, no one sees them and they see the shadows of what once was. In  the future we see the shadows of what might be. We find that if a man were to change his ways the shadows of the future are not set, for scrooge changed fully what he saw as a possibility. It is in the now that we define ourselves, and in the now that we can make a difference.

So it is always.  We can only define the now, all others are specters of the past and future. You can promise no tomorrow, and give no assurance of anything but the here and now.

It is here I find people have issues. “One day I will…” is one of the worst phrases you can begin. That does not give us license to be reckless or to live with no abandon, but it does set some things in perspective. As today wanes if you miss your chance at something it will never be today again. I have always been proud of my friends at “The LakeSide Emporium” simply because  they did not overthink, they created a plan and moved forward. They left their jobs and built a business base don customer service and quality. So many have done so and succeeded, but even the people who failed tried, and in that they achieved more than many. How about you? How long will you wait to write that book, plant the garden, go to Disney, take a vacation, or show someone the attention they deserve? Isn’t it time?

I often say if you do not have the spirit of Christmas in you each day the 3 ghosts should visit. It is nearly imperative. We need to see that each day we define ourselves and free our lives from the hate so many hold on to. After all, if tomorrow comes, wouldn’t it be great to have a happy foundation?

So as the sun sets on another day, no, I am not trying to make anyone feel guilty. It would just be my hope that we realize life is finite, and in the process start paying attention to those things that make us more, and endear us to the world. We can make a difference in a positive way and stop looking at how we can take away from others. We can make a difference, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love with all your heart, and be that person who changes the world…

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