Patterns of peace…

The sun sets on another day…

The stars seem to be aligned. The planets are aligning as well. Sunrise happens, so does sunset, and in the end we are here, rolling with life, laughing as we can, and getting by.

I look for patterns in strange things. There are lots of patterns in books and movies. They are made of patterns, and their purpose is often to confuse and entertain or incite the mind to see a little more. I can find nothing better than the thought of being more excited, and happier each day. Perhaps the only close item is to help someone else be more excited or happier each day.

There are patterns out there and maybe we need to look for them. Maybe we need to surround ourselves with people looking to be positive. Maybe, just maybe, we need to find a pattern of people who are looking for peace not chaos.

Our thought for the day is easy, find a way to be happy today, if only for a short time. Then find one person to make happy today besides yourself. Just 1. It is my opinion if everyone did this happiness and peace would spread like wildfire. A few rules. You cannot be happy at the expense of anyone else’s happiness. You cannot make someone else happy at the expense of your happiness. Otherwise, it is a go for launch. One last thing. If you meet someone who tries to take your happiness or someone else’s, eject is the word. Make it happen. 

So as the sun sets on another day, find a little pattern and find a little peace, spread a little fun and keep it going, each and every day, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live it daily….

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