I need you!

The sun sets on another day…

This will be an unusual post. Take a moment and read the following:

“A man with no time. Trapped for over 700 years by 13 women he gave them life, then escaped to find his own. After over 3000 years he is now living life in solitude and mystery while has watched the world grow and become what it is today. Now he must make a choice, save a woman and have his secret potentially known again or watch someone special die to hide himself. Join Adam in a terrible choice and learn his incomplete memory from long ago in “Adam: Book 1 of the Eternal Forever”.

Does this resonate or mean anything to you? How about this one:

“What are you, a vampire, a werewolf, some demon of the night?” she asked.

I laughed and she smiled even in her pain and weariness. “As far as I know there are no vampires, or demons in the night. I am not certain what I am.”

“You forgot werewolves, are you a werewolf?” this woman in all her splendor was trying to chide me, perhaps charm me in her own little way.

“I am not a werewolf,” I said.

He had remained hidden for thousands of years after he was trapped and held prisoner for hundreds, now he must make a choice. Bring someone new into his fold or watch them die and face his own infinite conscience. In the end the world will never know as he has been careful, and cunning though it all. This is a choice for Adam that will define his near infinite life, but how will he proceed in “Adam: Book 1 of the Eternal Forever”.

Think about it, let me know, and laugh a little at my silliness! 

So as the sun sets on another day the end of the year drawn near, let’s take our time and enjoy every moment, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love all you can, and be happy, a little more…

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