The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was indiscriminate. It was there far above, but did not show through the clouds nor give its presence away. Instead we watched the clouds pass by, and enjoyed the color in the sky.

As we near the close of the year I am amazed at the thoughts that run through my mind. Not of regrets or things I should or should not do but instead the changes I have seen in myself. It is in this we see our reflection, as who we are in always in flux, never the same from moment to moment or day to day. I have had a year full of introspective retrospectives and interesting moments. As I have embraced each challenge I have become different and I am aware and recognize each change as a preemptive possibility to understand more, learn more, feel more, and be more.

Sure, I have regrets in some ways, but they do not haunt me so much as give me direction and a passion to learn, and a passion for passion. It is there I have to achieve more, and I try to do so each day.

As you sit here reading this craziness, what are you thinking? Do you see more possibilities in life and the way to open your mind further? Are you happy with the changes you have undergone? Are you changing now?

I would like to think you are, and I hope you find some semblance of peace knowing you have grown and become more. Keep growing, keep learning, and keep embracing the passion inside of yourself each day.

So as the sun sets on another day, there it goes, I have changed again. Life is a series of changes and each one is amazing and awesome even if you don’t notice. Hold on, laugh, live, love, and make each day your own, no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and hang on…


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