Nature of a day…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was spectacular and it was another day with a clear sky and bright sun shining across the horizon. Even in the bitter cold you could do nothing but appreciate the fantastic sunset as it filled the sky with color.

Many people look at an entire day as an outcome. I’ve talked about this numerous times and focused on how people can generalize that a single day is defined as a day. That is wrong. I usually don’t like to say that, but I have to focus on this for just a moment. Defining a day as a unit of either good or bad is doing the day and the person a disservice. Let me explain.

If we look at a day full of normality with a few positives and a really negative note at the end that only hits a few minutes of the day can we truly say the day is a failure? More to the point if we actually looked at things from a statistical point of view, which I’m not suggesting, his most of our day defined as good or bad? Most people don’t have a clue. Most people pick out either the positive or negative because it is their nature and at the end of the day step back and say I have had a good or bad day based on their nature.

I am going to suggest that we switch the nature of a day into a series of moments that come to a logical conclusion and as we do so we begin defining the day as a matter of temperature. If you remember your chemistry and physics temperature is an average and our days can be seen as an average as well. Believe it or not it’s weighted on the positive side because you instantly get a large number of hours for sleep and that’s usually neutral in less you’re prone to wildly positive dreams or horrible nightmares. As you look at the day you may find ups and downs but if you really sit for a second and consider it a lot of a day can be neutral or a little bit to one side or another. So the more of the day that there is the less chance there is of something really negative making it a bad day.

Let’s do one better. If we take each moment and try to define it as our best possible moment by the law of averages we will make our day great even if we face some bad times. Sure there are things that will drag you down and hold your day down but I think you would be surprised to see exactly how little they actually mean.

So as the sun sets on another day, maybe it’s time to measure our days as a series of amazing moments and create an average that is really positive. Maybe, just maybe, we need to spend more time paying attention to those positives then the few negatives that drag us down into the weeds. It’s my opinion if we do that we’ll have better days , no matter what.

Sleep sweet, have a good moment, and have a great day…

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