Wild words of wonder…

The sun sets on another day…

Have you ever considered the nature of a word? Have you ever considered how a word is used and how that word can make you feel, laugh, cry, or just be so engrossed in the moment did you lose track of time?

I was looking through my library tonight at all the books that I’ve read. The first thing I realized is that I have a lot of books in my library. The second thing I realized is that I’ve given a lot of books away over the years and had to part with many simply for space sake. I picked up a few books and as I did, I was again lost in the words on a page.

It’s easy to get lost in words because your imagination picks up where the words leave off. I’ve been reading a lot about neurolinguistics lately. I find it amazing did someone actually put out papers on ways of controlling people with words. As I have read I have watched television, movies, and advertisements and seen many examples of words that lead people in a direction. This fascinating science makes me wonder about words. Words are wild and fantastic and all of a sudden, words pretty much define us as a species. Take a moment and really ask yourself how you would get through a day without words then laugh for a moment at the wonder of it all and what a fantastic life we have.

Pretty cool huh?

So as the sun sets on another day there are some wild words out there. those words just really make our day into something fantastic. The phenomenon of it all just makes me smile. Smile with me and pay attention to the words coming your way, then laugh a little and enjoy your day anyway no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and read on…

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