Focus on the…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset broke the clouds at the last minute and was more than spectacular. I am always impressed with the last-minute sunsets that defy the odds and come out anyway.

So many people focus so much on tomorrow that today seems lost and tomorrow never seems to make it. I know this is a semi generalization but if you take the time and pay attention, you’ll realize that a lot of people do this. Now I would never suggest that we don’t plan for a future or don’t pay attention to our potential days. I would, however, suggest that some things should be focused on today and as we progress, we should take the time to understand how important today is to us.

 You may be asking why I’m even bothering writing this.

It’s actually pretty simple and I say often we should continuously focus on those things that are in front of us. Sure there are lots of things in front of us that will lead to a healthy tomorrow but pining about the future when we can do something about the present is not a good use of time. That’s the distinction. If you sit and think about what tomorrow is going to bring and don’t do anything about it you will be sitting there tomorrow looking at the next day. If you live your life as fully as you can today and perhaps also do things that will help you get to a better tomorrow then tomorrow will be better.

Sure, that’s awfully simplistic. It’s usually true though that when we focus on achieving our goals through living our life today we will find our goals more attainable. When we think about our goals and let them become a limitation our goals will be more elusive.

Of course this is something just to think about. Every life is different and every situation different. I merely suggest that losing yourself in pining about tomorrow will not be a positive thing.

So as the sun sets on another day, why don’t we live our life today. As the sun is setting why don’t we push a little harder and make a few more things happen. Along the way perhaps we’ll find the world is an amazing place because we are working to make it that way.

Sleep sweet, love life, and push the envelope…


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