Sunset flames…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was simply waiting for the snow to again fall it could have happened any moment and I waited patiently for it to do so. Still somewhere to the side there were colors and lights and in spite of the clouds. It was a good night.

It’s hard to explain how fiery a sunset actually is. Many people see the sunset and see a simple color light show. In reality there’s a lot more going on as flames lick the horizon and colors are created from imperfections in the atmosphere. If we say no two snowflakes can ever be alike the idea that two sunsets could be even similar is an order of magnitude more ridiculous. So many subtle possibilities, so much to consider, so much to know .

With people it is equally as complex. I know I have talked about it to the point of nauseating some of you and stated simply that no two people are alike. If we consider the amount of time we have to think and the number of things that we think about and then the number of seconds in a day and all of our past experiences the chances of any of us thinking exactly the same thing are so remote that we may be throwing a dart at an F16 going Mach two and have a better chance of hitting it.

You probably are wondering why I’m bringing this up again. Well it’s mostly because I can but I just want to say to everyone that before you try to lay your morals, standards, and ideals upon another person you should strongly consider the fact that you probably don’t have a clue where they’re coming from. I know that’s tough to consider for many people as a lot of people think they know what’s best. I can say with utmost certainty that I don’t know what’s best for you. I can make a good guess from what you say to me or make it giant leap from where I think you’re coming from but only you truly know what is best for you.

For those people thinking that they know better perhaps I do know better for you and just let me know and I’ll happily discuss it with you.

For those people thinking that someone else knows better, take a deep breath and trust yourself first.

So as the sunsets on another day the flames licked the horizon’s again but what I got to see were clouds waiting to rain snow upon me. Once more the day ended on a positive note as it always does if you want it to and once more I find myself thinking about today. Make today and right now the best that you can , no matter what.

Sleep sweet, love life, and to thine own self be true…

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