Picture that…

The sun sets on another day…

Sunset was spectacular again. You would think I like sunsets or something. You might be right.

for a while now I have been taking fewer pictures of the sunset and fewer pictures in general. I had decided that writing was more important then taking pictures but I have come to the realization that I need the balance in my creative passions as well as many of my other passions.

Years ago I took a series of tests in school to determine strange things like IQ, the left right dominance, audiovisual dominance, and quite a few more. I will probably never have access to all of this information again . I found it was not part of my school record and the programs I was a part of no longer exist.  Still one of the things I learned was that the way I think is both audio and visual and left and right dominant. I’m kind of in the center of things. As such my passions are both realistic and artistic and I see the Art in math and math in art for example. I should have already known but I need to be taking pictures as much as I should be writing as much as I should be inventing as much as I should be doing random equations and reading and more and more. I had set aside how I know my brain thinks.

How about you? how are you doing on a daily basis with your goals and ideas? are you making the best of what you need and perhaps a little more? are you being happy? it’s an easy question we all just need to answer it and know who we are to find our way.

so as the sun sets on another day find your way and look inside a lot. I think you’ll find someone fantastic. Enjoy the sunset and enjoy your night no matter what.

Sleep sweet, enjoy life, and have a cookie…

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