Day sixteen

The sun sets on another day…

I would like to say that I feel like a kid on his 16th birthday but that’s not exactly true. Instead here I am getting ready to pass will have another day. It appears everyone is much better. No one is on oxygen, everyone lost a little weight, some lost their sense of smell, and some suffered more than others. A lot of the suffering was it just the lack of energy.

I do have to make one note. I didn’t really lose my sense of smell or my sense of taste completely at any time except for one small exception. I have a rather strange routine. In the morning I drink Chai tea and through this entire ordeal could taste it fine. At lunch I usually have Earl Gray Tea. I could taste that fine as well. In the afternoon I have either Peach Lemon or peppermint tea. The Peach lemon is full of vitamin C and I enjoy the flavor. The peppermint is firm and robust and makes my nostrils flare. Somehow during the last few weeks, I lost the ability to taste or smell peppermint. No other flavor was affected, and I could still feel the briskness of the peppermint on my tongue I just didn’t have the taste. If that’s not weird enough if I sweetened any of my teas, I could taste the sweetness and that was still true of the peppermint tea. Weird huh?

So as the sun sets on another day, I am 16 days in to Covid. I am 16 days into a disease everyone will remember. I know what I will.

Sleep sweet, love life, and live on….

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