Day Fifteen

The sun sets on another day…

15 days. It’s over two weeks of a life. It’s true I’ve been this sick before but only when it was something a lot more debilitating. A tear in the stomach lining or something a little worse can keep you down for some time I hate being down.

Covid has been a different type of experience. The effect is as much mental as it is physical as there is so much fear and conflicting information about the disease oh from different points of view in the scientific community. Still 15 days and I’m feeling much better. Occasionally I cough but I no longer wince in pain. Occasionally I slow down but I’m nowhere longer overwhelmed.

I guess you could say I am either blessed or lucky and the four of us were as well.

So as the sun sets on another day, take a moment, take a breath, and be happy you can.

Sleep sweet, love life, and carry on…


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